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New Book: Lime Green Dojo Clean

Hey everyone Sirius Penny here, a new book came out in the book room and here are the cheats:
If you find all the hidden coins you get a bonus at the end so here they are:
Page 4: Click the mop and move it across the window until you see a coin, then click the coin.
Page 6: Move the Lime Green Paint Bucket for a hidden coin.
Page 8:Click and move the paint ball until it dissapers and a coin appears.
Page 10: Click the penguin and move him around until he cleans the dojo roof and a coin appears.
Page 12: Click and highlight the wall pannels until you get a coin
Page 14: Move the paint can to the right to get another hidden coin.
Page 16: move the lightbulb through the three mazes until you get the coin.
Page 18: Change the capes on the penguins flippers to socks to get the last coin.

If you do everything right you will end up with 800 coins at the end!

~Sirius Penny~


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