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Screenhog, Happy77 and Gizmo+Fake Gary


Here’s Screenhog on his other penguin “Eaglehopper” and in the right corner you can see the fake Gary:


And here’s Gizmo’s other penguin “Aitak 321”:


Yey Gizmo added me!


And last Happy77:





9 Responses


    Kanari: The fake Gary is on the first picture in the right corner.

  2. Woah, I was in that picture talking to pengie sea (the pink gamma gal). Creepy.
    ^_^ Cool blog! Check out mine sometime!
    Waddle on!

    Kanari: Cool!
    Did you get added of Aitak321?
    Did you see Happy or Eaglehopper?

  3. i was there on the penguin canibis

    Kanari: Cool!
    I think I talked to you:)
    I can’t remember.

  4. hi pplz, your site rocks, i go on it almost everyday, anyway, cool pic! keep on postin, your all doin a geart job!


    Kanari: Good that you’re enjoiing!
    Thx for go to our site so much!
    You know, we need hits.

  5. The top corner or bottom??

    Kanari: The button of the first picture in the right corner

  6. i dont see fake gary where is he

    Kanari: ok
    Nobody can see him so Ill make a new picture with only Gary.

  7. how do u know its the mods? eaglehopper isnt ive seen him before these stupid fakes started happening

    Kanari: Good question!
    I only know it, but I don’t know how.
    I am SURE that it is the mods.

  8. WHAT BUTTON??????

    • he means bottom

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