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Easter egg Quiz & Throw out Video!

Hey, penguins! Time for (as usual) a party time quiz!

But what quiz will be this time?

An easter egg quiz!!!

Test your mettle by typing fast, having super knowledge, and having fast internet! Be awarded with a certificate AND a moderator! (you can’t get only one of them)

Why are you waiting? Test your mettle!

Quiz link 1


FAQ: Why do you make so many quizzes?

ANSWER: Because people seem to play them and like them.

FAQ: Why are you doing your quizzes at Proprofs Quiz School?

ANSWER: Because it’s the only one that you can have five answers, and, if not, the one I know.

FAQ: Are you gonna leave cp updates and get involved with quizzes?

ANSWER: The opposite maybe.

FAQ: Do you love cp as you love quizzes?

ANSWER: They can’t be compared. The quizzes are about cp. And if they could be compared, I would say no. I love cp a lot and more than quizzes.

FAQ: Do you think of leaving cp and quizzes?


FAQ: Do you think of giving out your penguin in order to get tons of hits?

ANSWER: Surely no.

FAQ: Why do you put videos in your quizzes?

ANSWER: It’s secret… I can’t answer that yet! And don’t mind asking me on a comment! You won’t get answered!

FAQ: Do you love your penguin more than your site?

ANSWER: I think so. Because a lot of people have penguins without sites, but not a lot of people have club penguin sites without penguins!

These were the Frequently Asked Questions. Now, in other news, I was bored and a made a scary video. Look at it, but you must be sure of:

  • You won’t get scared.
  • You are 14+ years old.
  • You will answer a comment in my site that you saw it.

If you did all them, then see the video:

That was all!


~Stelios Boy.


3 Responses

  1. that gave me a fright!

  2. I wasn’t sure that I was 14 or more but I just had to see it.
    It wasnt scary!!!!

  3. lol!! nice vid you see i saw that one coming i knew it was coming i was liek hes gonan show a scary face i know it i just know it then waallah scary face i knew it!!It wasnt scary to me because i saw a video like that before..and the one i saw before this freaked me out. but i was like thats it i aint gonna fall for these anymore

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