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Adventure Party Cheats 2009 & Fairies and Fables

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released many new things today, lets start with the new plays cheats.

The new play today is Fairies and Fables. In the costume trunk, if you click on Twee, you will get a silver wand!

silver want

If you go to the Forest, you will see a ladder, and an arrow which points to the tree fort.

tree fort guide

Once you go up the ladder, you will be brought into the Tree Fort! If you are searching for somebody on Club Penguin, it will say “such and such” is at the party if the penguin is in the Tree Fort.

tree room

There is a free item in the Tree Fort, and it is called the Blue Dragon!


The second free item in my opinion is completely awesome! The Green Safari Hat is being gaven away at the Plaza.

green safari hat

There is also a scavenger hunt, here are the cheats.

1. Go to the Pool/Cave, you will see a grey fish floating by in the window, click on it to get the first object.

grey fish pool 1

2. Go to the Cove, you will see a vine with nothing on it by the Catchin` Waves hut, double click the Vine to get the second object.


3. Go to the Dock, in the southern part of the screen near the Hydrohopper Dock you will see a turtle, click on it to get the third object.

turtle dock 3

4. Go to the Snow Forts, to the right of the sign that reads “Super Pool,” click on a flower on the bush twice to get the fourth object.

snow forts 4

5. Go to the Iceberg, in the most north western part of the screen you will see water sprouting out of the ocean, double click the squirting and you will get the fifth object.

whale berg 5

6. Go to the Plaza, directly above Pizza Parlor you will see Purple Venus Fly-Traps, double click one of them to get the sixth object!

flowers 6 plaza

7. Go to the Beach, you will see some bubbling coming from the south-eastern pool of water, double click on the bubbling to get the seventh object!

jelly 7

8. Finally, go to the Forest. You will see many flowers all over the place, click on the pink flowers to get the eight object!

flower forrest 8

9. Now that you have completed the scavenger hunt, click on the binoculars and then click “Claim Prize.” For your efforts you will be rewarded with the Adventure Background.

adventure bg


AMEERON: Guys I am having my last exams week, so simmer posted and thanks to him


6 Responses

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  3. I found a new cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to the coffee shop then click the sign behind the cash register and it will say tea and stones. please publish and if you make a post about it say thanks to ajs541.

    • tea and scones not stones

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