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Party Review! It ROCKED

Hey guys,

Thans alot to all the people who to come to the party and it made it ROCK, HOT AND AWESOME and also thanks for the ones who wasn’t able to come.

The party was so awesome, we really rocked the dock and the whole server, xD.

Here is the review of all the nice time and fun we had in the party:

I came to the party earlier with 10 minuits and I found that many people came early too, and I was happy when I saw that Aznmonkey10 and Niceplayer arrived too and some came even earlier than me, lol.



And then a special guest came, who had a really great party in the party! He is Redfame 100


And then, the crowd began to increase


Till it reached here


Then we went and had some fun while playing sled 🙂


We went back from sled and dance for some time


After dancing, we went again and played find four. I won Ajs541 🙂 and lost with Redfame 100. LOL


And we returned again and Redfame 100 gave us the idea of having a Snowball Fight and it was really fun. We divided into Blue and Red and we started playing (I was red)


After having great time Snowball Fighting, we crowded again and it was bye time (Everything nice have to end fast 😦 )



Featured penguins:

Was the from the beginnig of the party and kept dancing till he was exhausted, lol

Was there from the beginnig of the party and kept dancing till he was exhausted, lol


Helped bring more people and gave the idea of snowball fighting. Your great redfame

Was there from the beginning of the party and was live in partying

Was there from the beginning of the party and was live in partying

She was there from the beginning of the party and was fantastic

She was there from the beginning of the party and was fantastic

He kept break dancing, lol

He kept break dancing, lol

Came at the middle of the party but was energitic

Came at the middle of the party but was energitic

 As I promised, that if more than 10 people will come to the party I will add five people to my best buddies page, and there was already more than even more than 20, lol. Here are the 5 penguins who I will be adding as by best buddies tomorrow in the my best buddies page:

1- Redfame 100

2- Niceplayer

3- Ajs541

4- Fotis01

5- Blue Box 3

Ok, thats all for now. If you missed the party make sure to be there in the next.





New Pin Cheats and More…

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released a new pin today, check it out!

Koi pin

In order to get the Koi Fish,follow this easy steps:

  1. Loggin into Club Penguin
  2. Open your map and go to the cove,at the East of the map near the iceberg
  3. Click on the Koi Fish and let your penguin walk into it
  4. A message will appear saying “yes” “no” to get the pin,select yes
  5. You now have the Koi fish!

Unfortunetly, the Sport Catalog released no hidden items which I could find. If you find any, comment here and they will be added and we will give you credit! Thanks!

Now why don’t we go take a look at the Lighthouse…

Fall fair stuff

Talking abut boxes,after a week the Festival of Flight ended,did you check the box dimension?

Still plants

I think Club Penguin forgot to save the decorations on their storage. Can this mean it won’t come back?

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Times Issue #202

Hey guys Woff Posting! Heres the latest news on the newspaper!

Rockhopper Returns – Page A4

Fun at the Fair – Page A2, A3


In September the Captain of the Migrator returns! Rockhpper is coming and you may of heard some other news about him! I can’t wait for it and i will be tracking rocking all day long again until the Summer Hoildays is over (Yes i havn’t finsished yet).

Rockhopper Comes – September 4th

issue #202

Check out the telescope at the beacon! It might give you clues to what RH is bringing!

rockhoppers coming

In other News: A new party is coming! It’s called “FUN at the FAIR” – September 4th – 13th. Celebrate with games and lots of suprizes! This will be the 3rd Fair season the island is awaiting for. Go Play games, earn tickets and most importantly: HAVE FUN.

Check it out:



New Snow and Sports Catalog – August 28th

New Penguin Style Catalog – September 4th – October 1

Penguins That Help Time Forgot Stage – September 11th – Ocotober 8th

New Pin – August 28th – September 10th

Thats all for now, cya

~ 8) Woff 8) ~

Ameeron 50 000 Hits Party (ITS PARTY TIME)

Hey guys,

Its ameeron posting here! Well so now guys, its the time which we waited for more than 6 months, its the time where we can have fun, meet new friends, and play games with ameeron, ITS THE TIME FOR A PARTY!!!!

First I want to say:


Because, thanks to you I now reached my aim and I will return your favour by giving you:

  1. A gigantic party
  2. Another coin code give away
  3. A coin code contest
  4. And more (will be revealed soon)

Well, the last party, was in school timings, so less people cam, but this party is on Saturday (which is a cavation day for most of us) and I want ALL OF YOU TO BE THERE so the party will rock and as I always say :we all will rock the dock.

Here is the invitaion banner:

50000 PARTY

If we get more than 10 people in the party, I will be adding 5 into my best buddies page. In the party we will be moving into three rooms only: Dock, Ski Hill (montain), Lodge Attic.

Come as early as you can, so that the server wont get full, and if the serves was full use penguin storm.

Help me: To help me, post a post for this party and add the invitaion banner on you website, and comment down here telling me that you did so, plus giving me link to that post and I will add you to my blogroll forever.

Known Party Comers(to be one comment and tell me that you are coming on this post):

  1.  99Blake
  2. Shadow8196
  3. Cprulesfule
  4. Blue Box 3 aka Laura101
  5. Dusko N2 aka CPbrowers
  6. Woffbuffet
  7. Redfame 100 (maybe)
  8. Corwo




Party Soon

Guys, we will be having our 50 000 hits party so soon, I am making the banner.



New Video!

Hey people!


I uploaded a new video a few minutes ago, and I thought I should share it with you guys! It’s called “Jonas Brothers Addict Anthem CPMV”. The song is by VenetianPrincess. I am not a fan of Jonas Brothers. I just made this for fun, lol.

Hope you enjoy it!

~ Userofthemon ~