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Series 3 Coin Code Giveaway

keep refreshing

Hey guys,

As you guys have been so kind to me, and as one of my friends will give me two series 3 coin codes tomorrow(Ill give ONLY ONE and the other for next giveaway or contest), I decided to carry the first COIN CODE GIVEAWAY on www.ameeron.wordpress.com .

I know that many of you are anxious to get it. So here is how to win it:

On Friday, 7th of august, I will be posting the coin code IN THIS POST at any time between 3 AM (PST) AND 7 AM (PST)

first giveaway

Coin Code: G144AN6J7  keep refreshing 

(I will be placing it in the place of the dashes)

Advice: When you find the coin code, open cp as fast as you can and choose any items so fast and click done. Remember, that even if you entered the code and it was not by another one, you have to still be fast, as if you still didnt click done, another one can be faster than you and get the coin code and when you click done after him, they will tell you coin code already used. SO TAKE CARE. And remember to keep refreshing.

PS: If you already have more than 2 coin codes, please leave that coin code for others. And if you won tell us in the comments.

 keep refreshing





40 Responses

  1. Hope you win

  2. I hope I win because I haven’t ever gotten anything out of the treasure book. : ( My parents won’t let me buy the plush toys because they say they are childish.

    Ameeron: Oh I hope that you win too

  3. i want to get it for my younger brother

  4. When will you put it?

  5. woww hope I win

  6. Ive never had anything im not a member or a rare penguin,member,or a cool penguin :[ plz pick me

  7. August 4th was my bday… CAN I HAVE IT?

  8. Thanks Ameeron!
    I just hope I’ll be awake in time to get it, because that will be 5:00 am to 9:00 am where I am.

  9. Hey Ameeron, could you please tell me how to add pictures with your post??? Thx!!

  10. hey can you post the code now

  11. Did you post it yet?

  12. post it dude

  13. its almost 7 am pst

    i didnt think ud wait this long

    my eyes hurt because i havent been to sleep

    ive been staying up for this

    good luck everybody!

  14. Yeah i know this is LONG wait

  15. Man its over

  16. i lost!!!!!!!!!!:(((((((((

  17. its been used!

  18. Who got it

  19. i should not have gone to the bathroom!

  20. i know this stinks

  21. now ill never get a coin code

  22. who got it?

  23. man i stayed up for a whole week for dis

  24. yesssssssssss , I got it you rock


  25. Man how got it cuz it wasnt me

  26. wasnt me 😦

  27. Who got it?

  28. i already had the site up and i put it in like two seconds after it was posted and it said itd been used

  29. I didnt get it 😦

  30. congrats

  31. i dont know i think whoever got it forgot to post that he got it and hes just playing around with his new items on cp

  32. i know me too this stinks

  33. Message to shadow, mangoboy and all non winners:

    I still have another coin code and I will be having a contest so soon on 50 000 hits, so try ur best and keep checking my website for any updates or contests.

    Ill try my best to have anyone of u win

  34. man

  35. ameeron wanna meet for a quickee party with all the contest losers plz?

  36. ok Ill post a quitkkee party now be there

  37. thx ameeron.

  38. Ok 🙂

  39. when and wheres the party??

    and are u posting it on the main site or in this thread?

  40. i luv ur website can u email me a code plz i no its selfish but i cant do anything ive been a non member for 3 years my email is randomgirl1505_laila_@hotmail.co.uk if u give me a code ill give you an account

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