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(Possible) Fall Fair and Rockhopper Items!

Okay, as I’m sure all you guys know, the Rockhopper and the Fall Festival are coming tomorrow.After inspecting the newspaper more carefully, I found some probable items that will be at the fall fair.

In this picture are: the Ringleader hat,Ringleader suit,mustache,purple circus hat,red paddle,and cotton candy.
Fall Fair Possible Items3

In this picture is the pink circus hat, and the mustache returns.I defo think the mustache is gonna be an item, cause it’s in the newspaper three or four times.
Fall Fair Possible Items

AND here’s an exclusive. No other blog I’ve been on yet(besides mine of course) has anything about this.It’s the GOLDEN VIKING HAT! I think it’s gonna be the item that Rockhopper is bringing. In the picture, you can see that the penguin is wearing most of the items that RH has brought before,with the addition of the viking helmet, so I think he’s gonna bring it tomorrow.I can’t wait, cause it is SUPER rare.
Fall Fair Possible Items2




Accurate Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker

Note: The more you refresh, the faster the tracker updates! So refresh as much as possible!


Club Penguin Cheats: Rockhopper Tracker

Hey guys,

Bored searching for rockhopper all around club penguin? Rockhopper left club penguin and you didn’t have the chance to meet him?

This is your chance to find rockhopper by using my php tracker over here and which is 100% accurate:

Rockhpper’s Location:


Status: Online (REFRESH)

Server: Blizzard (REFRESH)

Room: Cove (REFRESH)

Keep refreshing!

And if you found rockhopper using this, don’t forget to comment 🙂 !


Penguins For Trade

Hi guys,

I got some penguins for trade:


This Penguin is for trade for 15 wordpress credits or a series 3 or 4 coin code or 2 series 2 coin codes

 This penguin is for sale for one coin code any series or 15 wordpress credits

This penguin is for sale for one coin code any series or 15 wordpress credits

This Penguin is for sale for a coin code any series or a membership code or 10 wordpress credits 

This Penguin is for sale for a coin code any series or a membership code or 10 wordpress credits

 If you want any of them, send me any of their requirements on my email feverwatex@hotmail.com and I will reply you with the username and password.


Club Penguin News Paper- Issue #203

Check the newspaper by your self and find all the hidden tips and cheats, plus check out the main events page and make sure to check  the club penguin jokes page, lol:


New Newspaper and Strange Message for Ninjas

In case you can’t read the newspaper swf files above, you can see the full sized screenshots I have of it.Click on the newspaper below to see them.

CP Newspaper1  9-2-09

Also, there’s a pretty wierd 101 Days of Fun activity for Friday.I don’t know what they mean by “a fiery surprise”, but I think it has something to do with my previous posts on my site,Shadow8196.wordpress.com,about Ninja Puffles and the Black Puffles Spark Investigation Hidden Newspaper Article.In the article, it says something about the cove and it talks a lot about black puffles.Well we all know that black puffles can catch on fire, so maybe they’re the fiery surprise.Hope I’m right. Check out the 101 Days of Fun below, and check out the hidden newspaper article here.Also, check out some more posts of mine on the Puffle Ninjas here and here.All of the evidence is piling up, but we won’t know anything for sure until Friday.

Strange messag for ninjas