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Club Penguin Scavenger Hunt- Help Sensei!

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin Ninja Scavenger Hunt And Club Penguin Weather Changing

Hey guys,

You checked the sky of clubpenguin? Yea? You noticed that the club penguin sky is now a bit redish as if it is sunset in the club penguin island and it is a really relaxing mood. I wonder why the club penguin team made this change.

Also, Sensei have asked us for help. He want us to find for him 8 fiery items hidden in different place in club penguin for something about club penguin’s ninja construction.

ninja hunt13

Here is how you can find the 8 fiery items for Sensei and get the reward:

You can find the fiery items in the form of a club penguin scavenger hunt, so first you need to know the items which you will have to get. So, click on the fire symbol near the moderator symbol at the top right of the club penguin window.

ninja hunt1

ninja hunt2

Checked the items which you will be finding now? Guessed where some of the items will be? If yes, cool!

Here is the item’s locations:

Item #1: To get the Burning Wood Piece go to the Ski Lodge and click on the fire

ninja hunt3

Item #2: To get the Burning Candle go to the Book Room in the Coffee Shop and click on the candle between the book shelves

ninja junt4

Item#3: To get the Burning Puffle’s Hairgo to the Pet Shop and click on the black puffle

ninja hunt5

item #4: To get the Burning Lantern go to the Cave in the Mine Shack and click on the glowing lantern

ninja hunt6

Item #5: Now, to get the Burning Hot Sauce Bottle go to the Pizza Parlor in the Plaza and click on the hot sauce bottle found over the oven and beside the 101 days pin

ninja hunt7

Item #6: To get the Burning Wooden Stick  go to the cove and click on the thin wooden stick in the fire

ninja hunt8

Item #7: To get the Burning Jetpack go to the Lighthouse’s Beacon click on the jetpack beside the jetpack adventure game

ninja hunt9

Item #8: To get the Burning Dojo Lantern go to the Dojo Courtyard and click on the left dojo lantern

ninja hunt10

Congratulations, now you have got all the items and ready to check your reward for helping the club penguin Sensei the best club penguin teacher on all the club penguin island. Click Claim Prize Now *Heart Beats*

ninja hunt 11

Woooo Hooo, our reward is a new cool club penguin pin

ninja hunt12


Thats all for now,

Tell me in your comments: How bout my new look? LOL





8 Responses

  1. wow so long lol.

  2. wow again

    posted before mimo, kingpin, simmer27 and all the others

    I am the first to post wuuuuuuuuuuuuuhooo

  3. awsiome! dude go on msn

  4. GO on msn I am not joking

  5. Fine just commment on my site with the pengs

  6. thanx m8 for the help u gave me youre mint see yah soon!!!

  7. Dude i’m not blamin u 4 dis cuz i no dat ur not billybob or nofin but dat is a pretty crap prize….

    anyways, gud cheats man!

    PS I met billybob in real life once he own’s a restaurant called Ed’s in Lisburn

    Ameeron: LoL, And does billybob really have his own resturant?


  8. thanks your the BEST!!

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