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Club Penguin Series 3 Coin Code Giveaway And Club Penguin Free Author Code Giveaway


keep refreshing

Club Penguin Cheats: Free Club Penguin Series 3 Club Penguin Items Unlocking Coin Code and Club Penguin Author Code Giveaway.

coin code

Hey guys,

Thank so you much guys for helping me become near from 60 000 hits and you also helped me to score lots of my goals and the main one was the 50 000 hits.

And today its club penguins’ fans pay back time. Yup…. D: ! I will be giving out a club penguin coin code which can unlock 2 club penguin items on club penguin on this post for FREE. The club penguin coin code which I will be giving will be from series……..it will be from series…..series 3 and which have super cool items to unlock.

Q:How can you you win the club penguin coin code?!?!

A:It is so easy. The coin code will be given out in the form of a give away, so you will have to check this post on a certain day and time and I will be posting the coin code at that time.

I will be posting the coin code below in the place of the dashes (#) on Saturday between   5 AM PST AND 8 AM PST OR between 1 PM PST AND 3 PM PST

Coin Code: C3261KFF3  keep refreshing

If you won the code, send me your playercard’s picture showing your penguin name and the items you unlocked from the coin code of this giveaway on my email feverwatex@hotmail.com


Tips To Have Higher Chances To Get The Series 3 Club Penguin Coin Code:

1- Open 2 web browser windows. Open in one of them this post and keep refreshing it till you see the dashes have changed to coin codes. In the other window open Club Penguin.

2- Keep refreshing and never stop, as maybe in that second which you stop in, the coin code may be posted

3- As more as you refresh faster and more as more as you have a better chance of winning the coin code

4- Each time as you refresh check out if the coin code is posted or no. And when you see it posted, copy and paste the code in club penguin as fast as you can.


Free Author Code Giveaway ( be an author forever on this website)

This is a code which is the password of this post https://ameeron.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/enter-the-author-code-below-fast/ and if you get it, you have to enter it in the place where the require you to enter a password and you will find a link. This link will take you to a form. Fill in the form and click submit button fast and the first one who fill it and click submit will have himself added as author on this website forever.

I will be posting the code in the same time of posting the club penguin coin code in the place of the dashes (#) below on Saturday between   5 AM PST AND 8 AM PST OR between 1 PM PST AND 3 PM PST

Author Code: P5Y64I3SC keep refreshing


Remember to refresh as fast as you can and that you don’t want to close this window without winning the coin code! 🙂

Keep Checking!



keep refreshing



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