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New Club Penguin Music Video

Enjoy My New Music Video!

-Peter4567 😀



New Club Penguin Halloween Item- Ugly Scarecrow Costume

Club Penguin Cheat: New Club Penguin Halloween Item

Hey guys,

Club Penguin released a new item for members in this Club Penguin Halloween Party! Though, the item seemed a bit freaky. You can get the item by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Club Penguin Town
  2. Open the Club Penguin Map
  3. Click on the Mine Shack in the map
  4. You will find the Club Penguin Halloween Party’s Haunted Place there
  5. Enter it
  6. You will find a box of Scarecrow Costumes there


     Remember to drop us a comment




Club Penguin New Reviewed By You- Halloween Party

Club Penguin Cheats: New Club Penguin Reviewed By You!

Hey guys,

The new Club Penguin’s Reviewed of this week is out and this time it talks about the Club Penguin Halloween Party… This time it is made by a penguin called “Gems I Need”, I thought that the name was a joke at the beginning (no offense). Here is his review:

I am most excited for seeing all the costumes on the night of Halloween. I like seeing all the crazy combinations like a ladybug and a wizard, or a very silly looking ghost. I also like the yearly (I think) candy hunt. The prizes are very cool.

Today's Blog.jpg

I actually also agrees with him, about the combinations of ladybug and wizard, it really looks spooky and cool.

The next reviewed by you will be about ” What do you think is going on, in the story of the volcano?”




Club Penguin Series 4 Coin Code Contest (Over)- Winner!

Club Penguin Cheats: Winner Of The Club Penguin Series 4 Coin Code Contest On www.ameeron.wordpress.com

Hey guys,

I am 1000000% sure that all of you are anxious to know who will be THE LUCKY winner of the Club Penguin Series 4 Coin Code Contest! Well…… As I said, I will be picking the winner by filling a bucket with papers, containing the names of the entries and my little sister will pick the winner….. Yea…. I am done with this process and the winning paper is between my hands right now…. I bet this question is moving in your brain ” IS IT ME?! ” Right?

Well…. I just wanted to inform you that if you were not the lucky person this contest on this website, that there are still TONS OF CONTESTS: CLUB PENGUIN COIN CODE CONTESTS, CARD JITSU CONTESTS, AUTHOR CONTESTS AND MILLION OF MORE INTERESTING AND EASY CONTESTS AND GIVEAWAYS…. I also wanted to inform you that if I was happy any days, from the blogstats which you helped me to scored, I will have a giveaway or  contest any day, so keep checking all the pages and cheats over here daily and 24 hours and I 100% GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL WIN SOMETHING

So lets return to the topic…. THE MOMENT WHICH WE WAITED FOR 2 WEEKS……. And the winners is….. the winner is….. Continue reading

Club Penguin New NewsPaper- Issue #211

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin New News Paper- Issue #211

Hey guys,

Club Penguin relased the Club Penguin Newspaper– Issue #211 and you can check it down below or in Club Penguin by clicking here

Check out the Club Penguin  newspaper by yourself below and find all the hidden tips and cheats, plus check out the main events page and make sure to check  the Club Penguin Jokes page, lol:

Tell me in your comments: How is halloween going with you? Do you think you will win the series4 coin contest?

PS: I will moderate the 30 remaining comments and then will post the winner after he is picked! Keep refreshing after 20 mins



Club Penguin Halloween Party 2009 Guide!

Hey Guys, It’s Salty!!! 😀 Check It Out, Club Penguin Released the Halloween Party Early This Year, There’s Tons Of New Items To Be Collected! There’s Scavenger Hunts, Haunted Houses, Shows, Spookyness and Much More Scary Stuff Involved.

Free Items:

There’s Two Free Items In This Year’s Halloween Party. Here’s How To Get Both The Free Items Into Your Inventory For Your Penguin:

Pumpkin Antennas:

  1. Go To Your Map In The Lower Left.
  2. Go To The Plaza.
  3. Click On The Box Full Of Pimpkin Antennas And Get Yourself One.


Pumpkin Head:

  1. Go To Your Map In The Lower Left.
  2. Go To The Mine.
  3. Go Inside The Haunted House.
  4. Click On The Pumkin Head On The Second Floor.


Scavenger Hunt:

This Year’s Scavenger Hunt May Be Hard For Some, But I’ve Got The Complete Guide On How To Find Them All. First Off, You Have To Click The Pumpkin Basket In The Right Hand Corner To Get The Clues.


Now, Here’s How To Find All The Hidden Items:

Scavenger Hunt Item 1:


Scavenger Hunt Item 2:


Scavenger Hunt Item 3:


Scavenger Hunt Item 4:


Scavenger Hunt Item 5:


Scavenger Hunt Item 6:


Scavenger Hunt Item 7:


Scavenger Hunt Item 8:


Once You Have Done This, Click On The Pumpkin Basket and Click ‘Claim Prize’. The Prize Is a Pumpkin Background. Check It Out On My Penguin’s Playercard:


Gary’s Secret Lab:

We Are Also Allowed To Go Inside Gary’s Secret Lab At This Halloween Party, To Get Into The Secret Lab, You Need To Go Inside The Mine and Click On The Green Lamp.



Monster Item Mini Catalog:

Once Your In Gary’s Secret Lab, There Is a Mini Member Moster Catalog Where You Can Buy New Monster Items and Old Items. The Pink Bunny Slippers Have Come Back Too.


That’s All For My Unlimted Guide To The Halloween Party On Club Penguin 2009! Now You Know All The Cheats, You Can Go and Enjoy Yourself This Halloowen, Also Go Check Out The Rooms Because They Are Decorated So Amazingly ;-]

-Main Owner, Staly Vegas-

Club Penguin 4th Anniversity Hat Cheat

Club Penguin Cheats: New Club Penguin Party Hat

Hey guys,

The new Club Penguin party hat is out and it’s colour is purple and blue… Damn, if they just changed the blue color to yellow….lol… This year it is a bit complicated to get it and not as easy as getting the last 3 party hats. Here is a simple guide which will teach you how to get it without any difficulties:

  1. Go to the Club Penguin Town
  2. Enter the Club Penguin Coffee Shop, which is designed in the shape of a GIGANTIC birthday cake
  3. You will find a pink and blue horse pinata at the upper-right side of the screen, near the moderator badge as shown below:
  4. Now hover your mouse over the pinata and it will start swinging, as shown below:
  5. When the pinata stops swinging, hover your mouse over it again and it will burst into pieces and the party hat will drop from it, as you can see below:
  6. Now the party hat will fall on the ground
  7. Last but not least make your penguin stand over it and a window will pop-up saying you have found the 4th Year Party Hat
  8. Click yes and the party hat is all yours

Thats all for now!

happy birthday cp