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Club Penguin Seires 4 Coin Code Contest


*Update: Contest Will Be Over On Thursday, 29th Of October

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin Series 4 Coin Code For Free

first giveaway

Hey guys,

Yup… As you read in the title, its time for the FIRST club penguin coin code CONTEST (not giveaway) which have a much higher chance for you TO WIN A CLUB PENGUIN COIN CODE. The coin code can unlocked 2 items on your penguin, so it will look like a member even it wasn’t a member… So you want the club penguin coin code? I guess yea… Then, ok, follow the steps below to get the series 4 coin code FOR FREE:

Comment a comment in this form:

Your Penguin Name:

Your Email(will be hidden for privacy, but saved with me, so I can send the coin code for you on it in the form of a message):

Your Answers:


I am sure that you wondered, which answers did I mean? Actually here is how you what you have to answer:

You have to see the sneak peaks which I gave for some light sources in club penguin and commenting the names of the rooms, which they are located in. Here are the sneak peaks, look at them carefully:









Found their places? I hope you did…

How will I pick the winner:

I will take the names, of all the guys who answers correctly and write them in equal-sized papers, then I will put the papers in a bleneder…joking lol…. then I will put the papers in a bucket and scramble them and I will make my 3 years little sister pick one, without her looking inside bucket and the one who will have his name picked will get emailed the club penguin series 4 coin code. I am not sure when I will pick the winners, but maybe next week, so keep checking back.


PS: Answers will be removed, to prevent any chances of cheating!





37 Responses

  1. Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)


  2. Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    Tell ur sister to be careful on what she picks ;P

    Ameeron: LOL… Sure!

  3. Champ344

    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    I hope i win! 😉

  4. Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  5. Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    HOPE I WIN!!!

  6. penguin name: jerrydil
    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  7. My penguin name is Medisan444.
    My answers:
    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    • Oops my e – mail is : HIDDEN

  8. Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    penguin name – plamishonka
    e-mail – HIDDEN

  9. me e-mail is HIDDEN and my name is – wizard8666

    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  10. Penguin Name Steffy4475 Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  11. Penguin Name: Noname2000
    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  12. Answers Coevered!(ALL CORRECT)

    my email is HIDDEN email me if i win 🙂

  13. My Penguin Name : Bobonika1212
    My E-Mail : HIDDEN
    My Answers :

    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  14. Answers Coevered!(ALL CORRECT)

  15. Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    Hope I Win! Good Luck To All!!

    ~ Userofthemon ~

  16. Hey
    Im sharkblue1
    My Email is HIDDEN
    Answers Coevered!(ALL CORRECT)

  17. Shadow4949

    Answers Coevered!(ALL CORRECT)

  18. why is my answer under moderation?????????????????

  19. My Penguin Name : Bobonika1212
    My E-Mail : You can see it in wordpress
    My Answers :

    Answers Coevered!(ALL CORRECT)

  20. Firaz357 – Hope I win! Tell your sister to choose carefully! Here goes:

    Answers Coevered!(ALL CORRECT)

    Lol. I hope I win 😀

  21. Answers:
    Answers Coevered!(ALL CORRECT)

  22. Lilbeclil – Hope I win i have never had a coin code before i cant buy them were i live 😦 lol anyways hope i win 🙂 x


    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    hope these are right gutted if they arent 😦

  23. i am soooooo happy whith these codes its helped a lot!!!!!!! 🙂

  24. Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  25. Penguin Name: Mrkrabs987

    Email: HIDDEN!


    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    WOOP Hope I Win 🙂

  26. Hey Ameeron,cool ur havinga coin code contest.
    My penguin name is-Zaide01
    My answers are:
    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    Too easy!

  27. Why did you deleted my other comment :(!

    Penguin name : Spurrrr


    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    Ameeron: It was not deleted, it was under moderation, I approved it, but now deleted it, as you can only have one entry! Sorry!

  28. Name: Shinydeoxys
    Email: HIDDEN!

    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  29. My answers:

    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

    plz plz plz plz plz plz make me win! It will be the first item I unlocked I really need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw, you can get my email in wordpress

  30. How do you play it? :-p

  31. Name: 1234gilop
    Email: HIDDEN!
    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  32. I’m just guessing.

  33. Penguin Name : Kidik
    E-mail : HIDDEN!

    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  34. Your Answers:
    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  35. Donnuh
    email in the comment box
    Answers Covered!(ALL CORRECT)

  36. my penguins name is zira11 and here r the answers
    1) pizza parlor
    3)lodge attic
    4)dance lodge
    5)ice rink
    6)night club
    8)ninja hidout

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