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Club Penguin Series 6 Coin Codes

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin Series 6 Coin Codes

Hey guys,

The new Club Penguin Series 6 Treasure Book is released and the new games are now purchasable… each game from this series have a Club Penguin Series 6 Coin Code which allow you to unlock items in it




I will give a Series 4 Club Penguin Coin Code on this post click here for details

Coin Code: B68T95VFY


50 Responses

  1. First Comment! 🙂

  2. Second Comment! 🙂 Lolz

    • lol lol lol

  3. when you will post series 6 toy code ???

  4. 🙂

  5. Viats

  6. Hi! 4th comment!

  7. your site rocks

  8. your awesome


  10. Ill get all my friends

  11. Awesomeihope i get it!!

  12. KLOL

  13. Please here

  14. hi
    you look like you know a lot of coin cheats so
    from j

  15. please

  16. im trying to make freinds but kno one will be my freind cuz im not a member and im new, plz give it to me!!!!! im a big fan!
    my cuzin cheks ur site eveeryday n so do i !!!! i rlly need it cuz i want frends!!!

  17. me me me!!!

  18. Series 6? How much money do u think cp will make in about a yr with these toys …………. $ $ $ $ $ $ $
    They’re so cute tho!

  19. Hi

    I am Knaebear and was wondering if you had any new codes to give away, I would love to have some codes so I can be a cool penguin again, because they used to not exist…

  20. Hope i win

  21. 22nd comment!!!

  22. 23 comment!

  23. I hope i win!

  24. i rely wanna win!

  25. hi

  26. hi agian

    • r u real mimo777

  27. hey guys plz give me code
    email me .
    trasure book code plz thxs alot .xx

  28. hia I hope I get it

  29. Hi plz post at thirty comments

  30. PLZ post at thirty comments like yackydo said

  31. PLZ post at thirty comments like yackydo said!!!!!.!.!

  32. Yohooo, 28 coment

  33. wahhoooo, ill hope i win, 29 comment

  34. hey ameeron its me cat274167 its me your friend i hope i win this coin code

  35. he

  36. Hi,

    I’m not going to beg, but if you give me the code, I would be much pleased.

  37. 2 MORE!!

  38. LOL NOW!

  39. Congratualtions Guys…. I will buy a coin code for this post soon and post it….. keep checking back and refreshing

  40. pleaseeeeeeee i want it i never had a club penguin code pleaseeeeee i really want one pleaseeeeee

  41. […] Congratulations! A couple of yo managed to comment 40 times on one of my posts and as I promised in every post of mine, I will be giving a free Club Penguin Coin Code, but this time the Coin Code will be of series 4 and will unlock to items from the treasure book….. I will post the Club Penguin Series 4 Coin Code on the place of the dashes IN THAT POST ON THURSDAY ANY TIME BETWEEN 1PM PST AND  2PM PST…… and I will add a refresh button there which you must use rapidly to make sure you get the coin code faster…. good luck…. Click Here To Go For That Winning Post […]

  42. jey

  43. you didnt post the code. =|

  44. i need it please!!!i am a hacker too!but i still need a toy code!

  45. u are the best

  46. u are cool

  47. I want a code plz im begging u im new to club penguin im a member but i have hardly any clothes coz i only got clothes from a few catalogs so plz plz plz give me some codes to unlock the treasure book!If u do I will add u as a buddy and i will subscribe and i will tell all the people i know to subscribe everyday ok? plz thank you so much and im sorry for wasting ur time thank u

  48. Can i have a coin code please?????Cause i really need one cp is releasing only dumb hats and i wanted to unlock the mask and all PLEASE I WANT IT!

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