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Club Penguin Bamboo Forest Stage Cheats!

Credit: http://champ344.com

Club Penguin has just released the new play at the stage, Bamboo Forest! Here i have provided you with all the cheats and secrets and a full guide through this new play.

Lets take a look at the catalog, i don’t think there are any secrets this time.

Yup! I was right, no secrets in this catalog and i guess this will be a permanent thing for Stage catalogs. No more secrets.

But wait, there is something intresting. Here is a guide on how to get the Golden Feather to sit on the King’s thrown across the river.

To cross the river, you must have a Golden Feather. To find this feather, you will need to leave the stage and explore the island. Good Luck!

Here is a riddle to help you know where to get it from.

As you leave the Stage door, travel through snow, past inner tubes and wakeboards. You journey will take you closer to the Golden Feather you seek.

This is going to be an awesome journey. To find the feather, Go to the beacon and it will be on a box!

Then get the feather and head to the Stage and sit like a king. What did you think about this stage play?


New Club Penguin Times- Issue #217

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin New News Paper- Issue #217

Hey guys,

Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Newspaper- Issue #217 and you can check it down below or in Club Penguin by clicking here

Check out the Club Penguin  newspaper by yourself below and find all the hidden tips and cheats, plus check out the main events page and make sure to check  the Club Penguin Jokes page…. lol:

[gigya src=http://media1.clubpenguin.com/play/v2/content/local/en/news/20091210.swf]
Remember: I will giveaway a free Club Penguin Coin Code (different series every time) if I got 40 or more comments on this post ( every user is only allowed to comment twice, not spam) in the place below, so: comment, invite friends to comment and keep checking back as it the coin code may be published at any time:

Coin Code: ######### (REFRESH)

New Club Penguin Pin Cheat – FOOTBALL PIN!

Hey everyone,

The new club penguin football pin is out!

Heres how to get the new pin:

1.Go to the ski village.
2.Go into the ski lodge.
3.Go upstairs.
4.Click on the football pin in lower left corner.


You have the latest football pin in your inventory. Don’t play with it inside home… if you don’t want broken windows!

Thats all for now!



Club penguin new stage play!

Hey everyone,

New club penguin play is out! Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal!

Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal play

There are no new costumes yet! When they are out please comment informing us.

Also check out the new post cards.

new post cards



Club Penguin Reviewed By You!



Last week Club Penguin asked us what our favorite Stage costumes are. Plumpy55647 said:

“I think squidzoid. It has always looked cool when penguins waddle around pretending to be a real squidzoid making monster noises like rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! and jump out from behind a bush.”

Congrats plumpy55647 for making the blog! Club Penguin has now given you 10,000 coins!



Club Penguin New Pin Cheat- Padlock Pin

Club Penguin Cheats: New Club Penguin Pin Released – The Padlock Pin

Hey guys,

There is a new Club Penguin Pin hidden in the Club Penguin Island called the Padlock Pin. Do you want to get it?  Then follow the steps bellow:

  1. Log In your penguin
  2. Go to Town
  3. In the Club Penguin Town, you will find a Coffee Shop at the left
  4. Enter it
  5. Go up the stairs at the right side of the screen inside the Club Penguin Coffee Shop
  6. Now look at the book shelf there
  7. You will find a Blue Padlock outlined in white
    Padlock Pin
  8. Make your penguin walk over it by clicking on it
  9. Now you will receive the LATEST Club Penguin pin

Thats all for now!




Club Penguin New Igloo Music

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin 4 New Igloo Music Has Arrived In The Igloos

Hey Guys,

The Club Penguin Team released 4 NEW Club Penguin Igloo Music! You can check your igloo , play all the new music , invite your Club Penguin friends and enjoy each second of your life.

The 4 NEW Club Penguin Music are the:

  1. Club Penguin Campfire Song Music
  2. Club Penguin Extra Anchovies Music
  3. Club penguin All The Fun Of The Fair Music
  4. Club Penguin Spicy Salsa Music

You can notice them as Club Penguin makes the new music bold in the Music List of your igloo

music list

I really liked the Spicy Salsa and the Extra Anchovies music. Tell me in your comments, which are your favourite music from the 4 new ones?



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