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Club Penguin Puffle Party 2010 Cheats- Free Member Puffle Jacket

Club Penguin Cheats: Free Club Penguin Puffle Jacket- MEMBERS ONLY!!!

Hey guys,

The Club Penguin Member Free Item for the Club Penguin 2010 Puffle Party is a Puffle Jacket which is AWESOME! To get it, do as followed:

Go to the Club Penguin Ski Village and you will find there the member Puffle Show…… it FREAKIN ROCK

Now enter the show…. it is like a heaven

You will find there a box of Puffle Jackets, get your jacket from there



Club Penguin Puffle Party 2010 Cheats- Free Puffle Hat

Club Penguin Cheats: Free Club Penguin Puffle Hat

Hey guys,

The Club Penguin Puffle Party is out and there are 2 free items, one for members and one for non members. The non-members free item is the Club Penguin Puffle Hat, found at the Club Penguin Plaza




New Club Penguin Reviewed By You- Released WAAAAY EARLY!!!

Club Penguin Cheats: New Club Penguin Reviewed By You

Hey guys,

Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Reviewed By You like about 4 hours early today….. so I guess that the Club Penguin Puffle Party will be here in the next 3 hours! So last week the Club Penguin Team asked us to write about the coolest adventure which we had in Club Penguin and here is what Sidiceage said:

The coolest adventure I have had with a puffle was, my pink puffle, named pink, and I went aqua grabbing. That was so much fun we went exploring everywhere. We saw a giant clam and slipped away with it’s big pearl, We cleaned up soda barrels, we earned a bunch of coins together. It was the best time ever! I cant wait to have more adventures with my other puffle’s. See you at the puffle party!!


Nice! Hope I’ll met Pink one day….. it seems to be a nice puffle!

The Club Penguin Team asks us now to write a review about “Which sport do you like playing with your friends?”….. its Football for me, what about you?



Ameeron’s EXCLUSIVE- Club Penguin Mission Related Sneak Peek

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin Mission Related Sneak Peek – EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

Hey guys,

The Club Penguin Team always write something on the HQ board before ANY mission….. but did you notice that they didn’t untill now for the coming soon mission?

Actually, they will write something so soon and here is a proof that they WILL write something soon on that Club Penguin HQ board.


By the way, it isn’t an edit, I got it from the main Club Penguin Database and please if you posted this on your website give me some credits as I am the first one to see this.

Do you think Club Penguin will write this thing in the puffle party or maybe later? Tell me in your comments!

PS: The Club Penguin Puffle Party may be released today, so remember to keep checking back here for the cheats 🙂



New Club Penguin Times- Issue #227

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin New News Paper- Issue #227

Hey guys,

Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Newspaper- Issue #227 and you can check it down below or in Club Penguin by clicking here

Check out the Club Penguin newspaper by yourself below and find all the hidden tips and cheats, plus check out the main events page and make sure to check the Club Penguin Jokes page…. lol:



You Decide- Ameeron’s Permanent Monthly Outfit!

Club Penguin Cheats: Nothing….. Just A Random Vote

Hey guys,

Did you notice that I almost change my outfit every post? Yea…. yea…… I do, but I decided to have ONE permanent outfit for my penguin and it will be changed every month. Cool?

Yup….. you are the ones who are going to decide this outfit by voting in the poll in this vote, inwhich you can vote to any of the THREE outfits below:


These were my favorite three outfits! What are you waiting for?….. VOTE!!!



Club Penguin Bamboo Forest Stage Cheats!

Credit: http://champ344.com

Club Penguin has just released the new play at the stage, Bamboo Forest! Here i have provided you with all the cheats and secrets and a full guide through this new play.

Lets take a look at the catalog, i don’t think there are any secrets this time.

Yup! I was right, no secrets in this catalog and i guess this will be a permanent thing for Stage catalogs. No more secrets.

But wait, there is something intresting. Here is a guide on how to get the Golden Feather to sit on the King’s thrown across the river.

To cross the river, you must have a Golden Feather. To find this feather, you will need to leave the stage and explore the island. Good Luck!

Here is a riddle to help you know where to get it from.

As you leave the Stage door, travel through snow, past inner tubes and wakeboards. You journey will take you closer to the Golden Feather you seek.

This is going to be an awesome journey. To find the feather, Go to the beacon and it will be on a box!

Then get the feather and head to the Stage and sit like a king. What did you think about this stage play?