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Club Penguin New Pin Cheat- Padlock Pin

Club Penguin Cheats: New Club Penguin Pin Released – The Padlock Pin

Hey guys,

There is a new Club Penguin Pin hidden in the Club Penguin Island called the Padlock Pin. Do you want to get it?  Then follow the steps bellow:

  1. Log In your penguin
  2. Go to Town
  3. In the Club Penguin Town, you will find a Coffee Shop at the left
  4. Enter it
  5. Go up the stairs at the right side of the screen inside the Club Penguin Coffee Shop
  6. Now look at the book shelf there
  7. You will find a Blue Padlock outlined in white
    Padlock Pin
  8. Make your penguin walk over it by clicking on it
  9. Now you will receive the LATEST Club Penguin pin

Thats all for now!





Club Penguin New Igloo Music

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin 4 New Igloo Music Has Arrived In The Igloos

Hey Guys,

The Club Penguin Team released 4 NEW Club Penguin Igloo Music! You can check your igloo , play all the new music , invite your Club Penguin friends and enjoy each second of your life.

The 4 NEW Club Penguin Music are the:

  1. Club Penguin Campfire Song Music
  2. Club Penguin Extra Anchovies Music
  3. Club penguin All The Fun Of The Fair Music
  4. Club Penguin Spicy Salsa Music

You can notice them as Club Penguin makes the new music bold in the Music List of your igloo

music list

I really liked the Spicy Salsa and the Extra Anchovies music. Tell me in your comments, which are your favourite music from the 4 new ones?



PS: Check out the sidebar  and you will a find a subscribing widget. Subscribe there, so that you will get notified when I publish any post and can be always updated with latest club penguin news.


Club Penguin New Sensei Mail!

Club Penguin Cheats: When You Get The Black Belt In The Card Jitsu Game,  The Club Penguin‘s Sensei Sends You A Mail

Hey club penguin cheaters,

So, as you can read in the title, the mighty club penguin teacher, Sensei, sends you a mail in your club penguin mail box congratulating you, when you earn your black belt in the club penguin Card Jitsu Game.

Here is how the mail looks like:

cj mail

By the way, I am now breaking the club penguin record and got 101 messages in my mail box…lol…

mail box

Yes, and just like Sensei told me in his mail, I went to the dojo and gave some hard attacks…lol.. And I had beaten him up. I also got some pictures of Sensei, under my Continue reading

Club Penguin New News Paper- Issue #206

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin New News Paper- Issue #206

Hey club penguin guys,

Club Penguin relased the club penguin newspaper- Issue #206 and you can check it down below or in club penguin by clicking here

Check out the club penguin  newspaper by yourself below and find all the hidden tips and cheats, plus check out the main events page and make sure to check  the club penguin jokes page, lol:

PS: Keep refreshing as I will make some changes for the sidebar’s widget after maybe 30 mins.

Tell me in your comments: Are you anxious to know the secret of the Awaken Volcano?



Volcano!? & Scavenger Hunt Extended

Hey guys. Woffbuffet Posting! The next room might not be the tallest Mountain!  Here’s a preview of some Volcano Club penguin have been talking about:

So yeah, you all like “Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt” It’s been extended! This means that it will go on for longer 🙂 Cool yeah?

~ 8) Woff 8) ~

Club Penguin Series 3 Coin Code Giveaway

Hey guys,

The winner sent me his player card on my email


Congrats starpungrl and as all guys think that it is a scam and etc… If you want you can meet starpungrl on cp by just finding him and ask him by yourself and if you think that a giveaway can be a lie, then I will be making a contest soon which cannot be scam as I have to pick a winner. OK? And if you are still not satisfied, just leave me alone and don’t enter the contest. DUH!!!

New Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats!

Wwe adam Posting For Ameeron Some Club Penguin Cheats Here,

The September/October igloo catalog has arrived. The first page is pretty AWESOME! But the second page features almost every item I put into my igloo!! They ALL came back!

You’ll also see that if you click the speaker on the stage stand on the second page, you can get a piano.

Piano Cheat

On the next page, you can click the top left mirror for a bowling alley.

Bowling Alley Cheat

Stay on this page and click the buttons on the electric stove for the refrigerator.

refrigerator cheat

On the next page, click the record on the Gramophone fora band stage. You can also click the speakers on the DJ tables for wall speakers.

Band Stage - Wall Speakers

Click the light on the construction barrier for the a bowling pin, the stone column for a guitar stand, and the fire on the bamboo torch for the LCD television.

I’ll add images and other cheats later! Peace!comment