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How To Become A Club Penguin Fire Ninja

In this page you will find a full guide which will teach you how to become a Card-Jitsu Fire Game Master and get a red gym in your amulet

First thing before you follow this guide, you have to make sure that you are a Club Penguin Ninja and if you are not, click here for the guide. And also remember that you need to buy an amulet to be able to enter into the Fire Dojo

1- Enter in the Fire Dojo, the only members room and talk to Sensei

2- Sensei will give you the Club Penguin Fire Deck, required for this Club Penguin Game and it will be added into your inventory

4- Now you will have 2 choices, either to Earn Your Fire Suit or to Challenge Sensei

 5- Currently, click on Earn Your Fire Suite to start challenging different people in the new Card Jitsu Fire Game, in the new special fighting arena in the volcano

Now, as we already got all the belts from white to black, we will not be earning belts while we play the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Game, but we will be getting some special items which makes the costume of a Fire Ninja. You can also see this in your Fire Ninja status bar, as shown below:

After you win all the items and are done from collecting the Fire Ninja Costume, you will be able to Challenge Sensei and make him taste the flavour of losing….. lol.  When you beat up Sensei, you will receive a red gym in your Amulet as shown below:

36 Responses

  1. but i want to get the suit lame i know all this stuff becuse sensei told us

  2. awsome!!!!!

  3. I dont want to work i want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I Am A Fire Ninja Lol The Floor Lights Up

  5. I Know Wheres The Secret Room?

    • then whare is it. TELL ME Please.

      • if you go to the dojo, there is the entrance for ninjas. go in that room, and to the left, near the middle of the room, there is a slab standing there. click on that, and go in the door that pops up. you have to be a ninja (to get in the first room) and a member to get into the fire ninja battle room. if you arent, sorry, theres no getting around that 😥

      • You have to have the amulet to get in the fire ninja room and be a member.To get in the ninja room click on the stone in the Dojo Courtyard.

  6. cool thnx!!

  7. pretty nice cool whatever you need to say some cheats for as

  8. i dont want to work can i find a cheat that will make me 1 now tell me plz

  9. tell me tell me tell me please

  10. hey ameeron im back

  11. i got my magma coat the other day

  12. gtg(got to go) bye

  13. i need my Lava mask now!!!

  14. It helped me alot. Thanks

  15. i want to a fire ninja without fighting people because this says : become a ninja cheats

  16. Hey I realy need the fire stuff all I have got is the fire sandles. But I know lots of coin codes. Tuff used them so that meens when you entre them in it will say this has been used forever.

  17. i found out how to walk on walls

  18. ppl plz i need a cheat that will make me won witout workin…………. GIMME A CHEAT NOW

  19. p.s srry for shoutin

  20. i want to know a cheat not how to make ur self a fire ninja in in like 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Will there sow, and water ninjas

  22. i want to be a fire ninja because all my friends r

  23. 😦 🙂 i got the shoes:)

  24. i want it 😦 XP

  25. and show him your power

  26. hi im selena.if u want my number send me a free membership account.THXS!

  27. hi again in selena gomez.my penguin name is sel239.AND again send me a free membership account PEACE.HAHAHAHAHAHA.ok bye.

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