• Hey guys,

    I am Ameeron, the owner of this Club Penguin Cheats website. My main penguin is Ameeron and you can often find me at Sleet, Frozen or Flippers at the docks most of the time. I like to have frieends and especially love loyal fans and give them lots of prizes in my contests.

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My Best Buddies

The following playercards are my best buddies and their sites on club penguin, whom I share my enjoyment. You can be one of them, by finding me on club penguin, sending me an add request, try to keep having fun with me and keep meeting me always and you will be 100% published over here:








(No Website)


(No Website)









(No Website) 


MORE COMING SOON…. Try to be one!

58 Responses

  1. i want to be one of your best buds!!!!

  2. wow!!!


  3. can i be one i am Kraftred my site is http://fazboyz.wordpress.com/ i wish i could meet you sometime

  4. im friends with mattboy since a long time ago

  5. thx watex!

  6. thnxs and u rock

  7. Cool i want to be there

  8. thanx watex!! 😀

  9. hope i can be on it

  10. hey feverd can we please become friends again because i was friends with u on feverameeron.

  11. Hi Fever.I wanted to say awsome job on the site and ask you a question.I am 788 days old on Club penguin,and id like to be a little noticed like your old buddy, XLR8.hes on my friends list by the way….if theres any wa we could meet on club penguin at a set time so i could be your buddy, or even mention me on the site, i would be super greatful.


  12. http://DgnsBlog is my site but i dont know how to link

  13. wow it actuly worcks!!!!!!

  14. yes my first linck sorry im new at this http://DgnsBlog and how do i change the name of my blog?

  15. whoa 😀 sweet!!!! Thanks Watex

  16. Thanks! My website is http:mattacho2.weebly.com and my youtube is http://www.youtube.com/mattacho

  17. nice page

  18. hey can you add me? My site is low on hits, plus I used to work on this site, for deleting me, you could makeup doing this

  19. aw what about me 😛 its Li Gi 99!

  20. Aw! I’m not on it!

  21. Please can I be on it?

  22. hi im x bobo dude it is me

  23. thes is my web dude

  24. I tried adding u but u wouldn’t accept!!

  25. 🙂 Good page!
    It’s ok that I am not one of your best friends.

    Not everyone can be your best friend 🙂


  26. Yo karinifan sorry i didint add you to my best buddies. im going to update the page soon, though!

  27. I want to be your buddy

  28. I wanna be ur best buddy meet me in british time 5:30 server mittens in ice ring

  29. I am not karinifan…
    …I am Kanarifan, rotflmfo ( Rolling on the floor laoghing my face off).



  31. Hi

  32. Im your buddy! We met on Mammoth, remember?

  33. oh em cheesy u have 2 get me on there plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u said u where but u just like never got to see my penguin well ya(btw u can’t email me cuz my email don’t work

  34. OMG!!! IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!

  35. What’s your e-mail address???

    Ameeron: Why do you nedd it?

  36. so we can talk about the blog and stuff.

  37. […] more than 20, lol. Here are the 5 penguins who I will be adding as by best buddies tomorrow in the my best buddies […]

  38. Thanks Fever\Ameeron im good friends with both Fever and Ameeron to bad Watex quit.Well thanks and bye

  39. Can i be on it?

  40. hey dude can i be on the list? 🙂 at the top?

  41. Thanks for adding us 😉

  42. I have some contests on my website! cpfunnyletters.webs.com has 3 contests. go to the visitor page to see all the details and stuff

  43. Cool, Nice Work Dudes =)


  44. Hey Ameeron im Billythepet off of Cp i am your buddy and im rare

  45. Hey ameeron also i added you on my blog so my blog isnt that great but could you please add my blog to your blog its CpBilly.wordpress.com

  46. be my Buddie go on bunny hill 12/12/09 and my name is Rob3377 meet me at the pool.

  47. aw man, im ur buddy and i haven’t impressed. Sorry that i haven’t been meeting ya often cuz im from australia while ur in america

  48. i wanna be ur best buddy. wot have they got that i havnt

  49. Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeese give me a membership card Ameeron. plesse and thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)………..

  50. i never see you on cp anymore! i added u but i cant seem to find u, lol. maybe we can meet sometime. cool?


    Ameeron: lol, I am just a bit busy this days and I am prparing a great surprise for all my fans soom….. I promise I’ll meet you soon somewhere in cp….

  51. im your friend on cp i have a site how come you didnt put me on

  52. i want 20034 pound on club penguin

    cheat membership e45thy76ji9

  53. im your buddy on club penguin why dont you put me on

  54. Hey!!! Shadow is my buddy too?!! I didn’t even know you knew him lolz!!!
    ~Valrog Blog Team (CPRP Leader)

  55. hey its me jakiesk8 can u add me as you buddy!

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